A good news story

Moray has a big heart! 

We’re continually amazed at how groups, organisations and individuals generously donate to this project and to refugees in crisis. The people of Moray continue to raise funds and other donations in so many ingenious ways.  Cash donations have helped our Syrian families but we’ve also been able to support refugees in key places. Click on the links for more info :

£500 to Highland Supports Refugees (we share transport of your clothes donations with HSR)

£420 to Be Aware And Share – Godfathership project (Refugee Education in Chios)

£400 to CESRT Eastern Shore Response Scheme

£400 to Dirty Girls of Lesbos An incredible and inspirational project.


Four Syrian families have made Forres their new home and are doing well, having arrived late February 2016.

These families came from camps near the Syrian border, after being forced to leave their homes by the civil war. They are being well supported  through the Community Planning Partnership; Moray Council, other agencies and Moray Supports Refugees are all part of that.

No matter where people come from, folk need local friends. Being friendly and welcoming is what we do best in Moray. The people and businesses of Moray have done just that. Thanks for all your support and generosity.

The wider programme of settling families in Scotland is progressing well. Highland are receiving 15-20 families, a good few have arrived in Aberdeenshire so there’s good opportunity for networking and families helping to support each other.


There is so much more to do…

We’re keen to see what more we can do in Moray to help Syria and refugees from elsewhere. What’s been done so far has gone well. We feel we can do more. And that story of successes in Scotland has been repeated in many places.

We’re so pleased that the UK Government’s changed its stance on the thousands of unaccompanied refugee children, abandoned by governments and at risk across Europe.   Not before time.  Sixty two of these children have now come to Scotland from Calais. Moray has agreed it will try to help in future and we support that aim wholeheartedly. But so far, very few children have actually come to the UK and been helped.

We’ve also got real concerns about the plight of other refugees seeking asylum already here in Scotland.  We do need to resource the care of asylum seekers properly and treat people with dignity. We believe we can do more.


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UK News

There’s lots happening to support refugees across Scotland and the wider UK. Here are a few news links:


BBC – Scottish Gov supports refugees

Scottish Refugee Council

Glasgow’s refuweegee project