Welcome to Moray Supports Refugees

The current crisis in the Middle East affects millions, denied the basic human right to live in peace and safety.

Moray Supports Refugees (formed in 2015) is now merging with Highlands Supports Refugees 

We’re doing what we can for those who remain in camps, wherever they may be.

We hope to use these pages to share information about what’s happening worldwide and what we, in Moray, can do to help.


Leaving the EU does not mean leaving behind our legal and moral responsibilities to people in need. The UK remains a founding signatory to the 1951 UN Convention on Refugees, the main international treaty that protects the rights of people in need of safety. We need to remember this.

Last year Scotland led the way in responding to the humanitarian crisis facing refugees. All walks of Scottish society stood and continue to stand in solidarity in welcoming other human beings who have lost everything and who are now trying their best to rebuild their and their children’s lives here in Scotland. We need to continue to be a beacon for how we treat those in need of protection and safeguard their rights.

Scottish Refugee Council 28/6/16